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Ornamental Gate Locks
400 Series


Office phone: 954-563-2148
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400 Series
The Standard 400 Series Multi Lock consists of:
  • Diecast aluminum case measuring 6.41 " X 3.59 " X 1.00 " with a 1/2 " mounting groove around the middle. 
  • Two tapping points available on each side of the case 
  •  Hinge bolt (404) or slide latch (403)
  • Standard five pin by 15/16 " mortise cylinder with an A/R cam 
  • Any length cylinder will fit with the addition of a cylinder ring.
  • An aluminum booster ring (* new feature as of January 2008)   see drawing
  • Please read the installation instructions for this lock
The first two numbers in the series (40) designate the 400 series lock. The third number designates the type of
closure, 4 for hinge bolt, 3 for the slide latch. ( #404- is a 400 series lock with a hinge bolt a 403- designates a slide latch.)

These numbers are followed by the number for the length of the bolt or latch
you require, 0,1,or 2.
See bottom of parts page for descriptions on bolts and latches.

For example: a 4030 would be the order number for a 400 series lock with a .3.80" slide latch designed for a 625 OD FRAME

Optional Items
400 Series aluminum fillet mounting plates ~ Set of 2  $60.00 US
view image

blind rivet on front handle
#404ST/PRIV - The 400 Series Straight Handle Privacy Lock has one cylinder and one hinge bolt.
We install a blind rivet into the outside handle.  A thumb turn knob in the back of the handle can be used for privacy.  see drawing for proper placement of booster ring

Note* This requires safe guarding to keep people from reaching around your wire cage or gate to open the lock. 
- $300.00 US each- with tumbturn on the back of the knob.  Special order

404ST/PASS - The 400 Series Straight Passage Handle has a dummy cylinder on the outside  and one hinge bolt. No locking mechanism.
- $300.00 US each-   Special order  See photo of installation configuration

brass ball passage knob
* Brass Passage Round knob  with dummy cyl - no locking mechanism.
- $300.00 US

#404ST - Straight Passage handles with a Satin aluminum finish dummy cyl no locking mechanism
- $300.00 US each 

Prices are subject to change at anytime. All orders are shipped FOB from our factory in Oakland Park, Florida  via UPS. 
Freight charges are added to your invoice.  You will receive a UPS tracking number via emaIl on the date of shipment.
Returns must have prior permission and a Return Authorization (RA) number
and are subject to a 10% restocking charge. 
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