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Office phone: 954-563-2148
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After 50 years of faithfully servicing clients such as yourself, I will be retiring and closing MULTILOCK at the end of February 2018. I wanted you to hear about our business closure directly from me, not through rumors or after we were gone.

As of today, we will begin selling out our entire inventory.

Once we've closed you will no longer be able to obtain our high security locks or parts. I suggest you take this opportunity to order any materials you may need now or in the future, as quickly as possible, as we will sell out fast once the word gets around.

I wish to personally thank you for being a loyal customer over the many years that we have been in business. If you have any questions about the inventory or anything else, I can be reached at 954.563.2148 or at info@multilock.com

M.E. DePalma
President of Multilock Inc.

Manufacturer of non-ferrous locks for ornamental iron gates, tool cribs, woven wire cages and partitions.

"The easiest lock I have ever installed"
~James Wallace
Sharpes Creek Forge, Godrich, Ontario
"Multi Lock ~ The Last Lock You'll Ever Need"
  • The Multi Lock is the only lock made from materials that will not Rust or Corrode.
  • The case is diecast aluminum and comes with zmac or solid brass hinge or slide bolts.
  • The Multi Lock has thousands of variations, is adaptable to many situations and designed for easy installation.
  • Multi Lock is the perfect solution for ornamental gates as well as high security needs.
Custom finishes and special handles available.

Ornamental Iron Gate Locks
Multi Lock manufactures ornamental iron gate locks used for homes, swimming pools, and private business doors.
Ornamental iron gate locks include either polished brass lever handles or decorative knobs. See More.
Wire Mesh Partition Locks
Multi Lock also manufactures locks for wire mesh partitions that are used in jails, prisons, holding pens, tool cribs and anywhere security is needed.
See More.

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